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Friday, November 30, 2018

News Update: 11/30/18

I'm finally back and it's been over an year, already.  Wow, I have not updated anything on here.  Today, I will talk about Christmas breaks, Patreon release dates, and few other things that I want to talk about.

First off, lets talk about Christmas breaks ...

First off, TSCG last page update is the 16th of December, which will be the day that the break begins and the return date is the 6th of January, to which that is next year.

BREAK BEGINS: 12/16/18
BREAK ENDS: 1/6/19

NCIS last page update is the 17th of December and the return update is the 7th of January.

BREAK BEGINS: 12/17/18
BREAK ENDS: 1/7/19

NCIS: Los Angeles last page update is the 18th of December and the return update is the 8th of January.  And the last page update is a volume cover for Volume 2.

BREAK BEGINS: 12/18/18
BREAK ENDS: 1/8/19

NCIS: New Orleans last page update is the 19th of December and the return update is the 9th of January.  NCIS: NOLA will start updating every week, starting March while NCIS: New York will continue to update every other week.

BREAK BEGINS: 12/19/18
BREAK ENDS: 1/9/19

NCIS: New York last page update is the 20th of December and the return update is the 3rd of January.

BREAK BEGINS: 12/20/18
BREAK ENDS: 1/3/19

Crossover Series last page update is the 21st of December and the return update is the 4th of January.

BREAK BEGINS: 12/21/18
BREAK ENDS: 1/4/19

And finally, Sleepy Hollow's last page update is the 22nd of December and the return update is the 5th of January.

BREAK BEGINS: 12/22/18
BREAK ENDS: 1/5/19

What's Coming to Store, On Patreon?
The next set of releases will pick up on December 23rd and the last release is on New Year's Eve.  So, let's get to those comics that will be release on Patreon and they are only a dollar and no release dates for the volumes, yet.

TSCG | ACT I, Chapter 12 ~ 12/23/18

NOLA | Season 1, Episode 1 ~ 12/26/18

NYC | Season 1, Episode 1 ~ 12/27/18

Crossover | NCIS/LA, Episode 1 ~ 12/28/18

SH | Story 1, It's Halloween ~ 12/29/18

TSCG | ACT I, Chapter 13 ~ 12/30/18

NCIS | Season 1, Episode 1 ~ 12/31/18

That is an whole lot of dates for December, so here's January's releases ...

TSCG | ACT I, Chapter 14 ~ 1/16/19

TSCG | Volume 2 Story ~ 1/17/19

SH | Story 2, The Joy of Christmas ~ 1/23/19

SH | Story 3, The Phillips Brothers ~ 1/24/19

SH | Story 4, John Andre Arrives ~ 1/31/19

Not bad for January.

What's New for 2019?

  • I have a new project for Halloween and it's in the form of a comic and it will be a seasonal project instead of an year round.  It will debut in September and it has two parts, so the second part will wrap up on Halloween and there will be some Q&A pages included.
  • I am hoping that we can wrap up ACT III of Sleepy Hollow and Season 1 of NCIS: New Orleans.
  • NCIS and Crossover Series will update twice a day, starting in March while NCIS: New Orleans will go back to updating every week.
  • Hoping to see Richard Howe, William's older brother making an appearance before ACT III of Sleepy Hollow ends.
  • Busy 2019 for me.
  • Chapter breaks will not be no lesser than two week and a likely hiatus but only for certain comics that needs that long break.
That's pretty what I can think of for the year.

NCIS: Cyber is likely to debut either 2019 or 2020.  I will have more details on Cyber, once I close to working on the layouts of the first episode.  It will have a small cast and McGee is the main character to the series and I will share more on the cast, soon.



  • No spoilers for Episode 8
  • Tony DiNozzo and Frankie Carbone will appear in Episode 9
  • Delilah Fielding, Mac Taylor, and Fornell will appear in Episode 10
  • Episode 9 will be a crossover with NCIS: Los Angeles and it will continue into Episode 10
NCIS: Los Angeles

  • No spoilers for Episode 6 and we don't have much pages left, but the crossover will continue in NCIS: New York
  • Episode 7 will begin a new volume and a new case, that deals with a robbery
  • The robbery case will wrap up in Episode 8
  • No crossovers in those episodes
NCIS: New Orleans

  • We just started Episode 3, so no spoilers for that one
  • Episode 4 will continue the case
  • Episode 5 will wrap up the case and it will also wrap up the volume and the season
  • No crossovers in those episodes
NCIS: New York

  • We just started Episode 2, so no spoilers for that one
  • Episode 3 will wrap up the case
  • Episode 4 will pick up where Episode 6 of NCIS: LA left off with
  • Yes, there is a crossover with NCIS: LA and that will begin in Episode 4
Crossover Series

  • No spoilers for Episode 6
  • Episode 7 will pick up where Episode 6 ended
  • The case wraps up in Episode 7
  • New case for Episode 8
  • This is already a crossover series
  • Still between NCIS and NCIS: LA, for the crossover
Sleepy Hollow

  • Issue 16 will pick up where Issue 15 left off on
  • No General Henry Clinton for Issue 16
  • William Howe will be reading up on the myth of the headless horseman
  • The 21st century cast will return in Issue 16
  • We will move onto the next short story after Issue 16 and General William Howe is not included in the short story
  • John Petersmith will return in Issue 16
The Sin City Girls

  • No spoilers for Chapter 16
  • The Phillips Brothers, John and Tom will be in Chapter 17, so will William Howe
  • Chapter 17 will be much shorter than Chapter 16
  • Chapter 18 will be a little longer than Chapter 17 but still shorter than Chapter 16
  • No Kate Ince or Yvette Moore in Chapters 17 & 18
That's all the spoilers I will share with you guys, if you want more spoilers . . .