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Sunday, February 17, 2019

News Update: February 18, 2019

As of the writings on the wall, I will have some comic series to go on hiatus sooner rather than later.  NCIS: LA is still the same.  Sleepy Hollow is the only one that won't be on hiatus but the other six are, is that I need to built up my page buffer.  My planned returned from hiatus is either late Summer or early Fall of this year.

Crossover Series will wrap up on Episode 6(Issue 6) on the 1st of March

TSCG will wrap up on Chapter 16 on the 3rd of March

NCIS: NOLA will wrap up on Episode 3(Issue 2) on the 6th of March

NCIS: NYC will wrap up on Episode 2(Issue 1) on the 14th of March

NCIS will wrap up on Episode 8(Issue 7) on the 1st of April

NCIS: LA will wrap up on Episode 7(Issue 6) on the 14th of May

Sleepy Hollow does have a two month hiatus, after Issue 17.  After the two month hiatus, we will kick into the Howe Falls In Love mini series.  I will be looking forward to be doing more than two pages per week/day, but it I want to keep it two pages a day but will have to do two days per week.  How do you feel about me updating on Wednesdays and Fridays?  This will only be for the Howe Falls In Love mini series, not for the main story/short stories/hiatus updates.

I do have a new series that I will also be working on, but don't know when.

After the hiatus ended, I got new update dates for most of the comic series.

Sundays | NCIS

Mondays | LA & TBA

Tuesdays | TSCG

Wednesdays | Sleepy Hollow

Thursdays | TSCG & NOLA

Fridays | Sleepy Hollow & NYC

Saturdays | Crossover Series

I figured that changing around my days and the TBA will be confirm in the Spring  or Summer time.  Well, I do miss having Sleepy Hollow updates on Wednesdays and Fridays and TSCG on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I will let you guys know if any progress is may during the hiatus and in the mean time, I guess, enjoy the Sleepy Hollow updates til when I do need to go on hiatus again on the series.  Right now, this will be TSCG's third hiatus, by the way.

Friday, February 1, 2019

News Update: February 2, 2019

I have a planned hiatus coming soon in the late Spring/early Summer for these comic series and Sleepy Hollow is not on the list.  Here are the listed comics ...

  • CROSSOVER SERIES(Part of the NCIS Series)
  • NCIS
You clearly see that Sleepy Hollow is not on the list, it's because that I have a big enough page buffer.

TSCG's last page update before the hiatus is May 19th

NCIS's last page update before the hiatus is June 24th

NCIS:LA's last page update before the hiatus is May 14th

NCIS: NOLA's last page update before the hiatus is June 5th

NCIS: NYC's last page update before the hiatus is July/August

Crossover Series's last page update before the hiatus is June 21st

Sleepy Hollow will have a two month hiatus before the Howe Falls In Love Series kicks into gear.  The series will focus on Howe's early love life and his sister, Mary.  The series is also not 100% completed either, so I have that to worry about.  The Sleepy Heads series will also return for three part, soon after the Mini Series.

Howe How long will the hiatus take?  Anywhere between three to six months or longer.  I will let you guys know on the return date.  You can also follow me on Twitter to see how I'm doing,  here's my twitter handler @SirWilliamHowe.  I will also give updates on the progress of each comic series and the return dates for them.